International Registration and Transfer Group

International Registration and Transfer Group is the full-service transfer agent dedicated to corporations, counsel and shareholders. From large shareholder based accounts to mid-sized or smaller companies, International Registration and Transfer Group offers affordable, timely and fully compliant securities transfer services.

Going public? Need guidance on the latest securities rules and regulations? Preparing for an Annual Meeting? We offer a complete range of services for both public and private companies.

What we offer

The reason is simple. Our mandate is to build a client-centric culture that delivers exceptional service across all our companies. We partner with our clients and their advisors to facilitate smooth completion of their work.

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Client service.

Our firm is organized around your needs. We practice quick response times, offer dedicated relationship managers, online tools, etc. We employ innovative solutions that are customized to your business and regulatory requirements

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Experience and skill.

We have an experienced team that understands your needs and is able to work alongside you to accomplish what needs to be done. We are able to quickly assess complex situations and to mitigate potential risk

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